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Directions: How To Use Moringa

When you wake up in the morning:

Drink a quart of water on an empty stomach.

Always affirm and or bless your Palace Moringa for maximum well being results.

Affirm by saying, e.g., Thank you God or universe (whatever you prefer) for this new found energy or specific well being. (Suggestion is Power!)

Afterwards take one dropper full daily of Palace Moringa underneath your tongue.

Hold the Moringa under the tongue and in your mouth as long as you can.

Do what they call Oil Squishing or Oil Pulling (OP), similar to what you do with mouthwash.

Afterwards swallow (do this only with Moringa because it converts the toxins to pure positive energy, (this stuff is amazing).

This is a powerful Ayurvedic Medicinal approach to Alkaline, energized and detox.

Ingest Palace Moringa day or night as a great energy boost. (One of the beauties of Palace Moringa, it will not keep you from sleeping if you desire).


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