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  1. Moringa is a super food that grows in St. Thomas Bourdeaux area and in other regions of the Caribbean.
  2. The leaves, bark, fruit, seeds, and root are present a powerful energy herb.
  3. On a cellular level, Moringa is an excellent complement to restore, balance and Alkalize the body.
  4. Moringa is a very high-energy nutritional tonic.
  5. The leaves retain multiple vitamins and minerals that self-heal everything from cancer to malnutrition.
  6. Moringa contains proteins, vitamin a, b, c, calcium, potassium, and antioxidants that protect cells from damage.
  7. Moringa virtually has no side effects, other than high energy that occurs when you adsorbed more healing energy than you can withstand.  If you want to experience less energy, cut back to a ½ dropper full.
  8. Please Always be aware, Palace Moringa is the most powerful Chi infused and infusion of feminine energy, grown to the rotation of the moon on Planet Earth.
  9. Moringa medicinal uses go on and on, it is a Superfood providing every nutrient your body needs to Alkaline.
  10. Moringa is consider one the most important herbs in the World!
  11. The beauty of taking liquid Palace Moringa, conveniently use anywhere and anytime for energy and to Alkaline.
  12. Self-Healing Structures:

Alkaline/Acidic Balance




Bacterial Fungi

Boost Immune System





Enzymes for Digestion


Fluid Retention



High Blood Pressure

Increase Breast Milk

Increases Sex Drive

Intestinal Spasms

Joint/Muscle  Pain

Kidney Stones


Reduce Swelling


Stomach/Intestinal Ulcers

Stomach Unease

Thyroid Disorders

Tired Blood




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