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Oil Pulling (OP) or Oil Swishing is where essential oil or herbal liquid tinctures is “swished” or “held” in the mouth similar to how you use mouthwash.

People who practice OP daily report all kinds of positive testimonials.  The main benefits of Swishing is pulling toxins and impurities out of the body and creating an Alkaline/Acidic balance.


Alkalinizing your body is one of the most powerful things people can experience because of the buildup of cooked food that has not digested and purged from the body over many earth years.


Let me present a very cool analogy that takes place in the human body over a short or long period of clock time depending on the person.


What would happen if you leave a plate of cooked food in a closed room at a temperature of 98.6°F and you entered that room after 2 weeks?

The odor alone would drop you to your knees, also the decay would attract maggots and other bugs (folks please forgive me for this drama, but I want to make a clear point).


Think about like this, if you have rolls of fat around your stomach area, (by the way my people toxins affect all parts of the body), this indicates an accumulation of impurities or toxic build up.


However, toxins affect each individual differently depending on that particular persons thinking (in other words, if you think you are well no matter what’s going on in the physical body you will be well, if you think you are sick, guess what).


This way of thinking is synonymous with, “Have Faith and you can move mountains and cast them into the sea, however if you have any doubt” you cannot perform this or any other extraordinary act.


The key to any type of well being is… you must believe you are already well!


These days thinking and being 100% well is extraordinary and takes enormous external energy.  If you want proof, check your hospitals and the list of people who check out of here and transition every day (folks, more drama to bring home a point).


Beside O P presenting this intrinsic Chi infused energy, utilize various herbal base oils and liquid herbal tinctures to get a desired personal result.


Use Moringa for (energy, detox, alkaline), Tea Tree Oil (dental and over other 100 uses) and many other oils and tinctures.


O P came into popularity in the 1990’s by a cat (cool person) named Tummaia Koteswara Rao out of South India. Rao energetically promoted O P, which derived from ancient Ayurvedic Medicine, (practiced for over 3000 earth years).


Rao discovered O P from Fedor Karach who presented the technique of Oil Swishing in Germany.  German Magazine Nature & Healing, author Günther W. Frank published an article about Karach’s information pertaining to O P.   Mr. Frank indicated Siberian Shamans did Oil Swishing with Sunflower Oil for more than 100 years with tremendous well being results.


In the east, Sesame Oil is typical for O P, but recently here in the west celebrities increased the popularity using Coconut Oil (awesome stuff!).



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