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Tea Tree Oil 1 Oil-100 Healthy Uses

  “Women, your Gateway to Natural Family Health” 


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“We should wake up every morning and be thankful and grateful for the sunshine and the blue sky, which is a self-healing blessing in itself”.

Welcome, this is my first Tea Tree Essential Oil post and thank you for taking time to be part of something that is, holistically cutting edge and healing for the whole global community.

 Are you ready to talk Tea Tree Oil?

 Coming soon…

Free e-Book TTO  1 Oil –100  Healthy Uses,  “Women, Your Gateway to Natural Family Health”

First, I want to start out by saying welcome,  to all people around the world. The key to life is about feeling good, right now in this moment.  Feeling good in the moment is a gift and that is why the moment is called the present.  

This feeling good energy will attract only good things to you! TTO known as Tea Tree Essential Oil is a gift from nature that we found will help  you to self-heal over a 100 different dis-eases to the body. 

This is how our communication on the TTO blog will work and remember it’s all about having fun.   Either I or someone else will  say or suggest self healing information on the blog  and you can make a comment.  Sharing any of your self healing experiences is what TTO blogging represents.  The TTO blog is a positive healing forum, for all people.

We want to hear from everyone, including Medical doctors to Dentist, Holistic doctors to Herbalist.   We invite people from all lifestyles to share and tell their story, because everyone has a healing story to share.

I want to point out that the TTO blog forum is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.  If you suffer from any dis-ease, please see your physician.

I also want to mention, this is a very informal and loose discussion with emphasis on having fun and enjoying life.  The TTO blog dialogue is to inform and enlighten, so if I write something you do not understand, please speak up. This is a cool way to have a completely virtual community of folks focused on what they want (self healing) instead of what they do not want (dis-ease to the body). 

 In other words, if you think you are sick, guess what, you will remain sick.  If you think you do not have enough money, you will not have enough money. You are what you think you are, so please entertain happy and joyous thoughts in every moment.

After you have read my posted comments, you get your opportunity to speak your mind and give your comments.  Please, feel free to reply anyway you want, as long as it makes us all feel good. 

Just one other thing, please go out of your way to be nice to each other no matter what.  This kind of energy promotes self- healing and when you add Tea Tree Oil to the mix and other cool self healing remedies, we all are on the right path to wellness and happiness.

This is truly a healing vibe folks, and a love thing, (one of my favorite subjects).  Let me slow down, because I am so excited about the TTO blog and  free e-Book coming soon! I just get lost in the thrill of it all! OK, OK… I am slowing down!

Our overall blog platform objective is to turn everyone on to the best alternative self-healing remedies for feeling good, promoting good health and well being .  Secondly, create joy and love in every moment.

This focus includes three important components that create a balance in our life. This balance includes health, relationship and prosperity (the moolah).

You are probably saying, right about now, what does this have do with Tea Tree Oil?  TTO has a reputation for creating a balance in our health that influence, relationship (intimate, business or personal) and prosperity. it’s about feeling good across the board and we will explain this more in detail on the Blog and free e-Book coming soon.

My intent and desire right now in this moment, is to reach out to folks in the and virtual community and make many friends. Please, we want you all to spread the word about the most powerful natural antiseptic on earth,  TTO Baby!  Promoting self-healing using TTO will present that common cause to bring us all together on a daily basis. 

Please feel free to talk about TTO, on Facebook, Twitter and any other Social Network. It is time to launch this TTO Blog dedicated to Women and really get it started! 

I want my people in Detroit, St. Thomas and around the globe to help me blow up TTO by commenting on the blog. In the next few days, I will start adding the following elements to this blog to give us plenty of self-healing subject matter to blog about.

  1. Coming soon, TTO Free e-Book; 1 Oil-100 healthy Uses, “Women, Your Gateway to Natural Family Health”, did I mention it was free.
  2. Numerous Pages of Tea Tree Oil content on the blog, designed to get people talking, speaking their mind and sharing healing experiences.
  3. All kinds of mind-blowing information about TTO, that highlight the self healing power for Women, Children, Guys and much, much more.

I would be remiss, if I did not say this…  Women, without a single shadow of a doubt are “Your, Natural Gateway to Family Health”.  

What does this mean?  Ask any Man about their Mother, ask any Kid about their Momma, or ask a Woman about another Women and the reply will be, Women have  been taking care of us since the beginning of time. My hat goes off to the feminine energy and I salute you!

TTO 1 Oil-100 Healthy Uses, is for all the Queens in the world who have helped take care of all of us in the past, continue helping in this moment and will always keep helping in the future. It is all about helping people ladies and gentlemen and who we can help today should be the mindset of the entire human race.

Helping people gets me carried away, because helping people is such a powerful and attractive energy.   TTO is the connection to helping people big time… FREE e-Book Coming soon!

                         TTO, 1 Oil 100 Healthy Uses,  “Women, your Gateway to Natural Family Health”                                                                   


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    • Thank you for your comment, however what you were viewing on the TTO Blog was more of a online business card at the time.
      The Blog has evolved since you last checked it out.

      The TTO Web site evolution as it relates to online marketing is
      fascinating and extremely exciting, especially when the subject is self-healing.

      Free TTO e-Book, coming soon.

      Stay tune!
      Peace & LOVE

      Al b

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