TTO Is Your Medicine Cabinet in a Bottle

TTO is a natural substance, featuring many amazing benefits; referred to as the medicine cabinet in a bottle. TTO, is light-colored, lightweight oil, that comes from a tree found only in Australia and has been available for many years in nearly all pharmacies and doctor’s offices in Australia.

Many years ago, I woke up out of a deep sleep with the worst toothache in the world and of course, there was not a dentist available.

Have you ever had a painful toothache in the middle of the night and felt pain that would knock a 600-pound Silverback Gorilla off its feet?

Anyway, my severe tooth pain led me to my medicine cabinet; it was as if somebody was calling my name.

Toothache pain is gone!

When I opened the cabinet, big as the day is long, was my friend Tea Tree Essential Oil, (TTO has to be a women, because it is so helpful, supportive, soothing to the touch, and exceptionally healing).

Check this out! TTO was sitting there on the shelf and sporting what looked like a big smile on her face; it seemed as if the bottle was saying, “I can lend a hand.”

Without any hesitation, I swooped up the bottle of TTO, soaked a cotton ball with the magical oil and applied it on my aching abscessed tooth.

Within a half hour later, the tooth drained and the pain was completely gone!




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