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TTO, 1 Oil-100 Healthy Uses, “Women Your Gateway to Natural Family Health”                 free e-book is about the incredible medicinal powers of Tea Tree Essential Oil (TTO); henceforth referred to as TTO, is intended for all people but particularly dedicated to our Women around the world.

The TTO e-book slogan “Women Your Gateway to Natural Family Health” is about the empowerment of Women because; we cannot give our phenomenal, exquisite and caring female counterpart, enough support.

It has been our Grandmothers, Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Daughters who have cared for us; nurtured, looked after, raised, reared, fostered, cherished and loved us since the beginning of human existence.


I stand before you bowing in respect and humbly saluting you, our Feminine energy the facilitator of natural family health; without you my Queens, there would be no us!


I am, without a doubt convinced that, by increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, economic strength of women is the true nature of our Godly divinity. The spirit of Women will help every single individual on earth to holistically manifest self-healing.


In my view, Women express the most natural form of self-healing available to humanity; we must continue to promote this truth with relentless passion and enthusiasm.


Please stay tune, TTO (Tea Tree Oil) free e-Book coming soon…


Love, Peace and Happiness




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