I have come to the logical conclusion today, right now in this moment, we must focus on what is truthfully important, essential, and the most positive position for all humankind moving forward; the empowerment of Women.


This one pointed spotlight on the empowerment of women is the connection, the attraction and the solution to every element of positive healing results on every level.  Again, my Feminine essence, there would be no us without you.


People please meditate, pray and believe with unmoving faith, this concrete focus to empower Women, is the life energy that unlocks the gateway to profound, universal natural family healing.


We respectably request that every person, in exchange for this free e-book, please forward our blog link; www.teatree-essential.com to eight Women friends; so that they can download this book and receive empowering information about the world’s best kept secret and the one-hundred healthy uses of Tea Tree Oil .


Our ultimate mission is to form an on-line social network community based on empowerment and self-healing for all people.  To date, there is no social empowerment network on-line of this kind; and in order for it to thrive, the network has to come together based on empowerment through friendship, giving, receiving, and the most important ingredient; Love.


If it is in your spirit, please forward the link for the free TTO e-book, because this is most effective way to build our network through the act of giving and empowering.


The only thing that is actually real is love in this moment.  This present moment is a precious gift to each one of us.  Why, not spend every single second having fun, being nice, developing friendships and helping each other to achieve self-healing?  We have the opportunity to not only help, but also enjoy and appreciate each other in a unique, global, holistic and self-healing social network.



I quote from the unparalleled master motivator, Deepak Chopra who put it very eloquently in his book, The 7 Spiritual Laws of success; “The past is

History: the future is a mystery; and the moment is a gift, that’s why we call it the present”.


The only way to dictate the future is to empower women right now in the present and as a result, we empower each other for an eternity.


Thank you and Love to All.




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